New Beginnings

I always get excited at the prospect of starting a new project. The possibilities always seem endless at the beginning and the concept of failure can be quietly ignored because the project isn’t in full swing yet.

My current excitement is this. This blog. You are looking directly into the cause of my excitement. My project. My new beginning.

I have been blogging sporadically for about five years now. I started off with a blog that was solely to keep my family updated about all that was happening while I was away at college. From there I started and killed a blog that was supposed to include samples of my writings from school and my free time. That all happened in about a week. Then I began blogging about my experiences as a missionary for the LDS church. When I returned home, I tried to turn my old family blog into something a little more exciting. To say the least, my blogging experiences in the past have been sporadic, less than successful, and way too focused on yours truly; and although I think blogging is in essence meant to be personal in some ways, I have decided that it is best to steer away from just talking about me.

As an aspiring journalist, I love watching people, learning about their individual experiences and stories. I love hearing about the things that people are facing in their daily lives; the things they hate and the things they love. I love to listen to people’s concerns about the world and the beauty they find through simple means. I don’t however particularly like being the subject of such things. I would much rather tell the stories of others than share my own stories. I don’t like being a biased story teller, and I feel compromised at times in the telling of my own personal histories and such. I am thus constantly working toward a future as a journalist who can find and tell every story that catches my eye or ear from every person I encounter.

I still have a lot to learn about being a writer and a journalist, and I still need a lot more experience. In addition to working towards graduate school and finding paying jobs that will aid me in my long term endeavors, I still need to find what type of story best suits me and my abilities. This blog is a representation of my journey. It is my hope that what I write here will aid me with what I need to learn and the skills I need to practice. It is my hope that as I improve my knowledge and ability as a writer, this blog with increase in quality and popularity.

Here’s to new beginnings. To endless possibilities. To knowledge and growth. And hopefully, to success!



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