about inquisite this

Studying and learning, in school and in life, are what I am all about. I consider myself and eternal student and sometimes, the best way for a student to learn is to share what they know and what they learn as they go. Inquisite This is a website for me to share all the things I am learning, studying, thinking about, and experiencing in this crazy classroom called planet earth. My posts will only be as regular as I want them to be– meaning I’ll post when I have something to share and forget to post or check this the rest of the time.

I’ve linked my Instagram account to this website because that is the place where I post pictures and little quips most regularly. If you find me and my life interesting, it will prove the best place to find out what I’m up to.

Much like each person in the world, this website is just one among the masses, it only becomes worthwhile if you stick around long enough to get to know it.



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